Clean Energy Storage Investment Budget
Investment model
Through the Green Energy Industry Fund, we invest and build photovoltaic and energy storage light green energy upgrade projects for industrial and commercial enterprises, and design and build plans. Through the new energy diversification platform - Green Power OS, we aggregate multiple types of distributed energy assets to create a park. Energy Internet.
8 major
owner benefits
1.Peak and valley arbitrage
2.Capacity expansion and cost reduction
3.Demand management
4.Demand side response
5.Electric assist
6.Deviation assessment
7.Power trading
8.Carbon rights trading
Node income calculation
Case: Assume that China Sodium Energy invests and constructs photovoltaic and energy storage projects in Yangzhou. The project information and annual income of the owners are as follows:
Voltage level: 10kV large industrial power
Annual electricity consumption: 2.2 million kWh
Photovoltaic installed capacity: 2MW
Energy storage installed capacity: 2MWh
Energy storage
The cumulative discharge in 15 years exceeds15 million degrees,Total revenue exceeds2.5 million yuan,average annual income166,000 yuan
Minimalist service process
Consultation service
Initial communication
Free plan
Overall designation plan
Fast approval
Funds arrive quickly
Short delivery
High quality projects
Operation and maintenance
Full life cycle
Maintain value-added
More value-added services
Cloud platform is free to use
Green Dot Transaction Settlement Collection
Free agency fees for electricity purchase services